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Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that this play was set on the unceded lands of the Kulin Nations. I respectfully acknowledge their Elders, past, present and emerging.

I would like to thank my amazing incredible family! Jeremy for being my photographer, videographer, roadie, crowd controller and all round wonderful husband. Your patience seems endless!

Thank you Georgie, Ted and Toby for each contributing in vital ways to my work..either photographing, videoing, holding back security (thanks Ted), giving feedback, and always supporting and inspiring my art practice. 


Big thank you to the MAPS Crew!

Keely Macarow thank you for your unwavering kindness and support. It has meant a lot to me in my final semester. 

Fiona Hillary your art practice is groundbreaking and inspiring and you have that rare gift and talent for teaching. Thank you!

Ceri Hann you are the heart of building 50..I think it might stop beating if you were not there! Thank You!

Clare McCracken you are the Theory Queen and you have always been so generous with your time. Thank you!

Marnie Badham, thank you for always creating a space in your classes and one on ones where all feel heard, respected and valued… truly a unique gift!

Maggie McCormick, even though I never had you as my teacher I have learnt so much from you. Your thoughtful insights and support have been invaluable. You have a way of getting to the core of an issue like no one else I know. Thank you!

And lastly but most definitely not least, thank you all my MAPS peers! What an incredibly supportive and talented group of people. Thank you for your wonderful support and friendship over these 2 years. 

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